Cheetah Bingo Prizes!
What can I win?

Cheetah Bingo has three different prizes to win. You can enter to win any of our prizes simply by singing up. You can also earn more entries to win our prizes by playing our awesome bingo game.

The Cheetah Bingo Prizes are:

  • $250 Grand Prize – a random monthly sweepstakes drawing for all our members. Earn more chances by playing the game and earning Grand Prize Tickets.
  • $50 Weekly Sweepstakes – a weekly sweepstakes for all our members.
  • $50 Cheetah Points Leader – Whoever is winning at the end of the week wins. Simple as that. For this prize, you really have to play to win.

Any member can win our two sweepstakes prizes. Simply registering gets you an entry ticket. However, playing the games and checking in daily gets you more chances to win the prizes. Every game you play will give you a certain number of chances to win. Playing more will give you even more chances. You can boost you Grand Prize Tickets and Sweepstakes Entries by using the Cheetah Boosts to get more. There is also a game multiplier that will boost all of your winnings by 2, 3, or 4 times.

The Cheetah Point Prize is there for those players who want to be number 1. You have to play and win more than anyone else to win this prize. You also have to master the game to earn you Cheetah Boosts and watch you point total skyrocket.

There will be other chances to win on Stay tuned for more games, tournaments and prize specials.

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